Insights: Publications Kilpatrick Townsend Veterans Day 2020 | Courtney Lynch Honors 1SG Brandon Lynch, Texas Army National Guard

Written by Courtney M. Lynch

My husband, 1SG Brandon Lynch (Texas Army National Guard, 1997-present), has spent his entire military career serving in a combat aviation brigade within the Texas Army National Guard. Serving in this role has given him a unique perspective on what it means to serve both as a veteran in foreign wars and at home.

I’ve been a military spouse for 16 years of my husband’s military service, and I’ve raised my babies through deployments. The biggest lesson that I have learned as a military family member is to pivot quickly. Plans that are set in stone will change, and you cannot dwell for too long when they do - you have to remain forward looking.  I have also learned to focus on the big picture. Small disappointments do not have to be defining. Missed birthdays can be made up, and birthday cake in a non-birthday month tastes just as good!

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