Insights: Events Life Science Industry Panel: New Frontiers of Precision Medicine

AUTM 2017 Western Region Meeting

"Life Science Industry Panel: New Frontiers of Precision Medicine," Moderator, AUTM 2017 Western Region Meeting, October 2017.

Precision medicine is changing the landscape of patient care. With the emergence of big data analytics and AI, development of novel therapies and how they are used to treat diseases has become increasingly precise. This session will focus on how companies are developing strategies to identify important disease biomarkers, stratify patient populations, and use that information to create more effective therapeutics. Industry representatives will describe both how data-driven analytics can be used to develop improved diagnostics and conversely, how biopharma can leverage that information to increase the chances of bringing a successful product to the market. The questions that we will seek to answer during this session are:

  • How is a data-driven approach informing/altering traditional drug development?
  • What technologies are companies with an interest in precision medicine seeking out?
  • How is industry partnering with academia to advance precision medicine?

Event Details

Thursday, October 12, 2017

AUTM 2017 Western Region Meeting

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