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The collision of often outdated copyright law and digital technology and the associated new business models for distributing creative works (e.g., film, television, and books) have created deep uncertainty and spawned significant copyright litigation. At Kilpatrick Townsend, we bring extensive experience in copyright litigation, complemented by transactional work involving registration, licensing, and portfolio management. We have handled some of the most significant copyright disputes of the past two decades, as well as a range of traditional disputes, including frequent copyright litigation filed by serial plaintiffs. Our cutting-edge attorneys have won many high-stakes cases and have driven new law — including protecting copyright content owners from an onslaught of pirate content streaming websites — earning us frequent recognition as the firm of choice by general and trademark counsel alike.


Strategic Decision Makers

Our experience taking copyright cases through decision allows us to ensure that strategic and procedural choices made early in the case create efficiencies at the end of the case. We have secured favorable outcomes nationwide in federal trial courts, and have decades of experience resolving complex copyright cases through arbitration. Knowing that an effective litigation strategy begins well before filing the case, our attorneys also provide world-class e-discovery capabilities and often work with damages and subject matter experts early on to shape arguments and best position our clients for victory. While our national reputation as trial counsel is well established, we settle the vast majority of disputes early and favorably, using innovative strategies, including offers of judgment and targeted dispositive motions that streamline litigation and resolve disputes as timely and economically as possible.


Client First

To avoid complicated and potentially costly copyright litigation, our attorneys routinely counsel clients on how best to navigate U.S. and global copyright laws, including complicated licensing negotiations and securing protection from the U.S. Copyright Office. When working internationally, we carefully cultivate and work with foreign counsel to best advise our clients on the creation and/or use of their copyrighted works. Throughout our practice, we work hard to mitigate potential conflicts and proactively police potential violators from unauthorized use of our clients’ copyrighted works around the world and online.

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