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Successful brand management begins well before adopting a mark and continues long after to protect it against brand encroachment. At Kilpatrick Townsend, we devote a significant portion of our trademark practice to help clients evaluate the availability of particular marks for domestic and international adoption and registration, including large-scale trademark clearance projects and filing programs. Our attorneys manage thousands of complex global trademark portfolios for some of the most recognizable global brands, while crafting tailor-made protection strategies best suited to our clients’ needs across a wide variety of industries.


Global Protection

We bring decades of experience coordinating broad multicountry clearance, filing, registration, maintenance, recordal, and trademark protection and enforcement projects. Our global network of trusted firms and local associates gives us immediate access to international attorneys with the right experience, in the required jurisdictions, and in line with our clients’ specific needs. To further strengthen our clients’ rights overseas, our attorneys leverage their extensive experience with international trademark treaties and registration strategies to manage more than 500 active IRs; as an early advocate for the IR system, we can provide efficient and cost-effective trademark registration across a large number of international jurisdictions.


Strength In Numbers

Our attorneys work collaboratively with our clients to ensure quality administration, cost efficiency, and budget security. Together, we select, secure, protect, and enforce trademarks, seeking to minimize litigation risks in furtherance of our clients’ specific business objectives and branding strategies. When conflict cannot be avoided, we use our comprehensive experience and understanding of international trademark law, systems, and practice to help clients develop creative and effective international enforcement and litigation strategies.

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