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Today, patents account for more than $5 trillion in added business value in the U.S. alone, so not surprisingly, patent procurement and strategic counseling is on the rise. Kilpatrick Townsend provides strategic advice and guidance to inventors, corporations, organizations, and universities seeking to develop patent portfolios to protect their inventions in key jurisdictions. Our attorneys handle a high volume of patent prosecution work, counseling, and transactional matters for a diverse client base, including some of the most globally-recognized companies in the world. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their core technology and broader applications, while evaluating their business objectives and the competition in order to design a global patent portfolio that ensures protection of the business.


From Conception To Commercialization

We help clients build their patent portfolios from the ground up. Our highly-experienced attorneys assist some of the most innovative companies with mechanical engineering and medical device patents, software and electrical engineering patents, biotechnology and chemical patents, and design patents. With more than 200 patent attorneys and agents, who all hold engineering or scientific degrees, we come uniquely qualified to prepare, file, and prosecute patent applications in the U.S. and in other countries through a network of quality firms. We choose attorneys and agents with the technical experience to understand your technology. We strive to obtain appropriately broad, defensible patents through enhanced prosecution techniques, while maximizing portfolio assets through strategic patent management and portfolio audits.

Enhanced Prosecution Techniques

  • Accelerated Examination
  • Track One Prioritized Examination
  • Patent Prosecution Highway
  • First Office Action Interview Program
  • Patent Examiners Interviews Facilitating Progress Toward Allowance
  • Global Network of Preferred Patent Firms

Patent Management & Portfolio Audits

  • Patent Portfolio Review, including removal and licensing of obsolete patents and patents that no longer serve business objectives
  • Gap Analysis, identifying areas to be strengthened and protected
  • Optimizing Client Invention Disclosure Processes


We Speak Your Language

Our patent attorneys have the credentials to effectively communicate with our clients’ scientists, executives, and legal teams. This, along with our decades of experience, fosters a more collaborative environment to assure that patent strategies align with the client’s business objectives; optimize competitive advantages and revenue opportunities; and block competitors who infringe patents.

Primary Contacts

Vaibhav P. Kadaba


Atlanta, GA

Brenda O. Holmes


Atlanta, GA

Babak Kusha


San Francisco, CA

Charles W. Calkins


Winston-Salem, NC