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Trademark, Copyright & AdvertisingBrand Stewardship

Kilpatrick Townsend’s clients include innovative companies and brands in virtually every industry where brands drive business value. Our attorneys have enabled many of the world’s leading brands to enter new markets, expand into new product categories, distribute through new channels, and maximize the value of their trademark and copyright portfolios. Strategic trademark management and protection have never been more important to business or presented more challenges for modern businesses. Our clients have the advantage of a team that understands the value of trademarks in today’s marketplace, as well as the interplay of trademark and broader IP protection.


Worldly Experience

Internationally recognized, Kilpatrick Townsend is one of the most sophisticated trademark practices in the U.S. with more than 125 dedicated attorneys, representing clients in established and emerging markets around the world. Our highly-focused practice offers comprehensive trademark, copyright, and advertising advice that helps clients create, build, and protect their most prized assets — their brands and identity.

Focus Areas

  • Advertising
  • Anti-Counterfeiting & Gray Market
  • Copyright
  • Greater China
  • Online & Digital Enforcement
  • Trademark & Trade Dress Litigation
  • Trademark Prosecution & Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Licensing &Transactions



Value Delivered

We develop optimal approaches and achieve desired outcomes faster and more ef´Čüciently than our competitors. Our practice features a unique combination of diverse talent, issue-focused teams, and sophisticated systems for developing and managing portfolios. We collaborate with clients, foreign and local counsel, and other legal professionals from within our broader firm of more than 600 attorneys. Because our attorneys have handled every type of trademark numerous times across many industries, we don’t waste time or effort. We quickly size up the situation and issues to deliver practical advice when it matters most. What’s more valuable than that?

Primary Contacts

William H. Brewster


Atlanta, GA

Anthony J. Malutta


San Francisco, CA

R. Gwen Peterson


Walnut Creek, CA