Insights: Events Don’t Let Them Get Stuck in the Middle: Training and Developing Midlevel Associates

2018 NALP Professional Development Institute

The transition to midlevel associate is one of the toughest in the lawyer lifecycle. They may be managing the work of others, getting direct client contact, building a brand internally and externally, beginning to understand business development, and exploring career options . . . maybe for the first time and all at the same time. And this all occurs at a time when retention pressure is the highest, given these associates’ profitability and marketability. Josh Troy is a speaker on this panel that will share best practices for training, developing, coaching, and retaining midlevels. Topics will include workshops and retreats; teaching to manage up, down, and across; expanding a business development mindset; and coaching for career ownership.

Event Details

Sunday, December 2, 2018

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