Top-Five Article on JD Supra and Foundational Digital Assets Terminology Videos

Our Digital Assets Regulation Blog has garnered significant interest and engagement since its launch in 2022. The blog covers various aspects of digital assets regulation, development, and administration, as well as related topics. Below, please find updates concerning recent Digital Assets Regulation Blog developments. 

Top-five Most Read Article on JD Supra 
Stephen Anstey’s (Digital Assets Regulation Blog Founding Editor) article The State of Digital Assets Regulation and Foundational Terminology (Crypto, Stablecoin, and CBDC), was the fifth most read article on JD Supra in January, 2023. For context, “65,000 authors publish their insights and commentary on JD Supra,” annually. 

One-Minute Videos on Digital Assets Terminology 
Last week we shared three new videos, by Stephen Anstey, that provide an overview of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This new video format will provide general overviews of the digital assets sphere, including information on fundamental concepts as well as pertinent legislation and regulation. 

-What is a Cryptocurrency (Video)? 
-What is a Stablecoin (Video)? 
-What is a CBDC (Video)?

For more information, make sure to check out the Digital Assets Regulation Blog.

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