Almost all companies doing business today use complex, relatively new technologies, particularly including computing and telecommunication technologies, hoping those technologies are free from claims of ownership by others. Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves the targets of patent litigation. Fighting patent suits can drain a company’s resources and cripple its business and, if not handled successfully, can expose them to additional suits and future costs.  Many of our clients also develop patent technologies and or otherwise hold patents that provide significant competitive advantages. We have an impressive record of success in enforcement of our clients' patent rights.

Our patent litigation attorneys understand not only patent law, but the science and technology behind the facts and the art of well executed litigation strategies. We are repeatedly recognized as having one of the top patent practices in the country and are frequently profiled by leading publications because of our high profile successes against some of the most persistent opponents.

With more than 60 patent attorneys registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, many of whom have advanced degrees, and a variety of scientific specialties, and a litigation department of more than 170, we combine the technical know-how of a large patent boutique with the deep bench and resources of a large litigation firm.

We have a proven record of winning cases both in and out of the courtroom and have experience in venues across the country, including venues known for patent litigation, such as the Eastern District of Texas, the Eastern District of Virginia, and the District of Delaware.

We invest the considerable time often needed to learn the details of our client’s industry, technology, culture and business. Our team then develops a sound litigation strategy, with our client and with appropriate attention to the details but with comprehension of and constant reference to the bigger picture.