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01 October 2014
Allegations of Fraudulent Procurement and Maintenance of Federal Registrations Since In re Bose Corp.
Source: The Trademark Reporter
01 October 2014
POM Wonderful LLC v. Coca-Cola Co.: The Supreme Court Juices Up Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act
Source: Landslide, ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law
28 July 2014
IP Industry Summary: Federal Circuit holds that Snowball Claims Don't Stand a Chance in . . . Court. Industry Summary
12 June 2014
Federal False Advertising Lawsuits Permitted to Proceed Notwithstanding Compliance with Government Rules and Regulations Legal Alerts
02 June 2014
How to Handle The New Domain Rules
Source: Law Week Colorado
23 May 2014
IP Industry Summary: Infringers Tread Lightly. Industry Summary
07 April 2014
IP Industry Summary: Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split Regarding Standing to Bring False Advertising Claims. Industry Summary
01 April 2014
Seeking Quick Relief for Trademark Claims on Social Media Sites
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
26 March 2014
Advergaming Basics: What Brand Owners Should Keep in Mind Before Deciding to Run with the Video Game Idea
Source: The Licensing Journal
10 March 2014
IP Industry Summary: All Advertising, But No Work Makes Playdom’s Mark Void. Industry Summary