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Income apportionment for financial institution *
Obtained a favorable Virginia income apportionment ruling for a financial institution. more
Sales tax advice regarding valuable assets *
Advised taxpayers on sales tax issues relating to purchases of aircraft, artwork, and other valuable assets. more
Advisory opinion regarding New York sales tax *
Obtained a favorable New York advisory opinion concluding taxpayer’s service is not subject to New York sales tax. more
Voluntary disclosure agreements through MTC National Nexus Program *
Obtained voluntary disclosure agreements for several companies through the Multistate Tax Commission’s National Nexus Program. more
Deferred compensation and stock option advice *
Advised taxpayer on state withholding for deferred compensation and stock option payments. more
Nexus review for technology company *
Performed a nexus review for a technology company and obtained voluntary disclosure agreements in various states. more
Sales tax advice regarding online services *
Advised taxpayer on the extent to which online services are subject to sales tax in various states. more

*Experience gained by attorney prior to joining Kilpatrick Townsend

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