Patent Articles

Patent Law Basics:  An Overview of Patent Law and Avoiding the Loss of Rights  
Authors: John S. Pratt, Cynthia B. Rothschild, Kristin M. Crall and Alyson L. Wooten

Enforcement of Patents – Injunctions, Pre-Litigation Techniques and Strategy
Authors: Mitchell G. Stockwell and D. Clay Holloway

Choosing Between Trade Secret and Patent Protection
Authors: Dean W. Russell, James F. Bogan III and Kristin M. Crall

Patent Portfolio Creation, Management and Licensing
Authors: James L. Ewing IV, Brenda O. Holmes, Wab P. Kadaba, Michael J. Turton,  Eugene B. Joswick III and Tiffany L. Williams

Inventorship: Navigating the Muddy Waters of Inventorship Determination and Correction
Authors: Jamie L. Graham, Kathryn H. Wade and Alex R. Trimble

International Patent Protection
Author: Brenda O. Holmes 

Patent Opinions Post-Seagate Still Have a Role; Clearances Have New Life
Authors: Paul C. Haughey, Brenda O. Holmes, Steven Gardner, D. Clay Holloway and Megan E. Bussey

The Intellectual Property Transaction: The Basics About Buying and Selling Intellectual Property Assets
Authors: Michael S. Pavento, Eugene B. Joswick III, Tiffany L. Williams and Renae B. Wainwright

America Invents Act: Race to the Patent Office, Where More Prior Art Awaits 
Authors: Ko-Fang Chang, Cathy E. Cretsinger, Ph.D. and Scott L. McMillan

Practice Guide to New USPTO Proceedings and Procedures Implemented by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act
Authors: Mitchell G. Stockwell, Wab P. Kadaba, Michael S. Pavento and Scott L. McMillan

Global Strategy to Fast-Track Your Patent Portfolio 
Authors: Michael Schiff and John K. McDonald Ph.D.

A Practical Guide to Open Source Software 
Author: Michael S. Pavento

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