Josh Pond will be moderating a panel at the 2017 ACC Annual Meeting in Washington, DC regarding seeking or defending an investigation at the US International Trade Commission. New International Trade Commission (ITC) complaints are approaching record highs. US and foreign companies are increasingly bringing patent, trademark, trade secret, and general unfair competition claims to the steps of the Commission, seeking the Commission’s expedited adjudication and injunctive relief. This panel will explore new leverage points for companies seeking to unleash the power of the Commission, as well as those confronting an ITC action as respondents. The session’s focus will include defending against claims by non-practicing entities—an area of particular scrutiny by the Commission—as well as by the Federal Circuit, the Federal Trade Commission, and Congress in recent years. Panelists will also discuss how an ITC action compares with, and often can complement, a US District Court proceeding.

Additional speakers:
Jeffrey Hsu, Supervisory Attorney, U.S. International Trade Commission
Ryan Phillips, Director and Managing IP Counsel, Broadcom
Rhett Snotherly, Director & Senior Counsel, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

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