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13 December 2017
Direct to Consumer, Amazon, and the Future of Retail
12 December 2017
ACC Technology Roundtable: Strategies for Capitalizing on Changes in Patent Law
07 December 2017
Bribery and Corruption: Enforcement and Compliance Trends for Non-Compliance Professionals
06 December 2017
Ethical Issues Framed Within Intellectual Property Law Case Studies: An Interactive Roundtable Discussion
16 November 2017
2017 Intellectual Property Forum
16 November 2017
Delivering an Effective Opening Statement in Patent Cases (Plaintiff v. Defendant)
13 November 2017
2017 Patent Law Forum
08 November 2017
Strategies for Managing and Evaluating IP Assets
02 November 2017
One Fiscal Year Ends, Another Begins: Where to Go For Federal Contracting Dollars in FY 2018
27 October 2017
Winning Trade Secrets Cases as a Plaintiff and a Defendant, and Preventing Litigation Altogether
23 October 2017
Getting Buy-in Through Client-Centered Training
20 October 2017
The PTAB’s Effect on Patent Law — The Example of Section 101
20 October 2017
Advanced Texas Lien Laws
20 October 2017
Texas Lien Laws
20 October 2017
Beyond Breach: Current Departures in Cybersecurity Incidents and Response
20 October 2017
Ethical Negotiations in Technology Transactions
18 October 2017
An Evening with Legendary Supreme Court Journalist Tony Mauro
17 October 2017
Year in Review: Hot Topics in U.S. Patent Litigation
17 October 2017
Life Sciences Open Forum: Leading a Small Legal Department
16 October 2017
The US International Trade Commission in 2017: New Leverage Points in Seeking or Defending an Investigation
12 October 2017
In-House Counsel Ethical Conundrum and Pitfalls for the Unwary
12 October 2017
Life Science Industry Panel: New Frontiers of Precision Medicine
11 October 2017
What I Wish I Learned About Patents Before Graduating with a Technical Degree
05 October 2017
My Product is Ready, Now How Do I Protect it? IP Aspects of Bringing a Product to Market
05 October 2017
Managing Big Data, Avoiding Discrimination
05 October 2017
Communicating and Remediating the Incident: How Best to Share and Protect Information
23 September 2017
The Board's Role in Risk Management & Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
16 September 2017
Provisional Application Quality
07 September 2017
Better to Give Than to Receive: Prosecuting and Defending Bribery and Corruption Cases Post-McConnell
07 September 2017
Patent Analytics: Trends, Reality and Avoiding Rejections
23 August 2017
Insurance Coverage for Data Breach and Privacy Violations: Current Status of Coverage Under D&O, E&O and Cyber Policies
08 August 2017
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: How 2017 Is Shaping Up & What You Need to Know to Protect Your Company
08 August 2017
Newfangled Tools for Patent Prosecution
08 August 2017
Declarations Practice in Overcoming Rejections in the PTO
07 August 2017
How to Manage 26(f) Meet and Confers
07 August 2017
27 July 2017
4 E-Discovery Strategies for GCs Under the New Federal Rules
27 July 2017
Unclaimed Property: Escheatment by Any Other Name
23 July 2017
BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology
21 July 2017
Global Intellectual Property Portfolio Management & Related Strategy Considerations
20 July 2017
Attorneys’ Fees Awards
13 July 2017
Conducting the Examiner Interview
13 July 2017
Clinic II
12 July 2017
Clinic I
10 July 2017
Cybersecurity Issues in the Health Care Industry
06 July 2017
Recent Changes to Copyright Office Safe Harbor Regulations (AKA Making Copyright Great Again)
30 June 2017
Legal Issues Surrounding Research and Commercial Use of Human Biological Materials and Their Derivatives
15 June 2017
Heels and Appeals: Intellectual Property in the Footwear Industry
13 June 2017
Ninth Circuit Holds Indian Reservations Have Reserved Groundwater Rights: Agua Caliente Band v. Coachella Valley Water District
12 June 2017
How to Start a Startup
02 June 2017
U.S. Supreme Court Update
24 May 2017
Exploring Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies
24 May 2017
INTA Annual Meeting: The United States Annual Review: The Sixty-Ninth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
15 May 2017
Patent Eligible Subject Matter: In the Context of Biomarker Innovations
11 May 2017
The Problem(s) with NDAs
09 May 2017
Energy Licensing Agreements: Key Provisions and Lessons Learned
05 May 2017
The Impact of the Trump Administration on Indian Policy
03 May 2017
Expert Insights into Investing into the U.S. under a New Regime
03 May 2017
Improving Access to Capital
03 May 2017
New Horizons in Therapeutics and Interventions
02 May 2017
Views from the Corner Office: Tips from Managing Partners and Senior In-House Counsel
02 May 2017
Financing Utility Scale Deals
27 April 2017
Prosecution: Software/EE - Are We There, Yet?
27 April 2017
Behind The Curtain
27 April 2017
Panama Papers: Exposing the Powerful
27 April 2017
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery
26 April 2017
Brands and Their Corporate and Social Responsibility
26 April 2017
Top FCPA Settlements of 2016 and What to Expect in 2017
25 April 2017
Embracing the Future of 401k Retirement Plans: Developments Uncovered!
20 April 2017
Pay it Forward: How You Can Help Build the Pipeline for Women in STEM
20 April 2017
Texas Anti-SLAPP: An Update on the Fight Between Narrow and Broad Construction
19 April 2017
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, and Minimizing Contract Disputes
19 April 2017
Defense Contracting In The New Administration - 2017 and Beyond
18 April 2017
In the Trenches with Social Media
13 April 2017
2017 Intellectual Property Forum
13 April 2017
The Role of Patents in Repurposing and Rescuing of Old Drugs
13 April 2017
The Potential Fallout and Impact to PSS GSA Schedule Holders from the OIG’s Latest Findings
12 April 2017
Is the U.S. Exporting NPE Patent Litigation?
07 April 2017
Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property Rights
06 April 2017
All the Crime We Cannot See
06 April 2017
What Makes a Valuable IP Portfolio?
06 April 2017
Ethics in IP: Interactive Round Tables
05 April 2017
Securitizing of Artists' and Athletes' Careers
04 April 2017
32nd Annual Intellectual Property Law Spring Conference
02 April 2017
Hey—You Stole My Invention!
01 April 2017
The Board's Role in Risk Management & Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
30 March 2017
Labor & Employment Law Seminar
28 March 2017
Modern Protection of Business Interests
24 March 2017
Augmented Reality and the IP Insights Behind it All
15 March 2017
Opportunities Earned & Leadership Learned
14 March 2017
Guest Panelist
10 March 2017
Compliance Issues For Employer Sponsored Wellness Programs
09 March 2017
Bad Faith Overview – Not Just A Question of Whether The Insurer Pays
08 March 2017
Legal Quick Hit: Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Key Ways to Right-Size Joint IP Ownership
03 March 2017
"Money Money Money Money" – In Today’s World: Insurance Implications for the Evolving FinTech Industry
03 March 2017
Differing Site Conditions: What difference do they make?
03 March 2017
Rates Matter! Using the Tactics of Negotiation to Obtain Reasonable Rates for Defense Counsel
02 March 2017
New Economy Businesses Need New Insurance: Can The Insurance Industry Keep Up?
02 March 2017
Challenging Patentability at the PTO
28 February 2017
Doing Business in California: Consumer Class Actions and Recent Regulatory Developments

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