Social media has taken over. The fractured media landscape and the explosion of participation and engagement, whether through company websites with social media functionalities or through third party sites such as Facebook and Twitter, has led all companies to ask “What’s our social media strategy?” Social media has, in many respects, vastly decreased the costs for reaching a wide audience, thus stretching the already reduced advertising dollar. Videos, blogs, campaigns, tweets – they all have the potential for “going viral” and being the next Internet sensation. Moreover, social media engagement can be more personalized, press more emotional buttons, and be measured more precisely for greater return on investment, that is difficult for traditional advertising to match.

Lurking not far beneath the surface of any social media strategy, however, are potential risks. Even supposedly anonymous information about a person can be used to identify a particular individual in certain instances. Consumer fan pages and gripe sites can impact proper trademark usage. User generated content has major implications for copyright ownership and infringement concerns. Marketing to children can be exceedingly difficult through social media sites given the laws governing advertising to kids and politicians’ relentless focus on protecting children. Inadvertent disclosure of sensitive financial information and forecasts is a constant concern given that employees are often engaged with social media sites. Given not only the regulatory environment but also the threat of class action law suits, social media has served to amplify all of these concerns. And, not only is a company at legal risk for actual legal violations, but a company’s reputation is at risk simply in how it chooses to engage with social media.

How to manage all of the risks involved with social media engagement is something all companies will face in the future, if not something that is already here.

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Internet counsel for one of the world's largest home products retailer
Provide Internet and social media advice and counseling to the holding company of one of the world's largest home products retailer.

Advisory counsel for national retail food company
Advised national quick service retail food company on engaging in user generated content and social media marketing efforts. more
Privacy issues related to internet social media providers
Represented in an advisory capacity an Internet network advertising agency specializing in social media, specifically advised company on privacy more
Social media policies for an international financial services company
Developed social media and privacy policies for international financial holding company and its banking and non-banking subsidiaries. more Featured
Acquisition of ownership interest in social media website for individual
Represented individual shareholder's withdrawal and buy out of ownership interest in Internet social media website. more

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