Innovations in Life Science
Kilpatrick Townsend attorneys have a wealth of experience with a wide range of issues relevant to the business goals of all sizes of entities in

 more Innovations in Life Science
Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform - The Impact on Employers and Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

 more Health Care Reform
Climate Change Regulation
Concerns over climate change have become the primary driver of energy and environmental policy in the U.S. and around the world. The Obama

 more Climate Change Regulation
Financial Regulatory Reform
Many reasons have been suggested for the recent economic and financial crisis. However, one cause that is often mentioned is a badly outdated

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Social Media
Social┬ámedia has taken over. The fractured media landscape and the explosion of participation and engagement, whether through company websites with more Social Media
Corporate Espionage
Companies face an ever increasing risk of theft and misuse of intellectual property, especially trade secrets and other forms of sensitive

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Environmental Stewardship

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