Social media continues to empower companies to engage more directly with consumers, primarily through the increasing ability to collect more and more information about them. Social media platforms permit companies to learn about consumers likes, dislikes, location, friend network, and much more. The more accurate the data, the better and more tailored an advertiser’s message can be. That said, while social media platforms and networks provide massive amounts of data about consumers, the legal parameters of what information may be collected and used for marketing purposes is not well defined. Popular third party platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have extensive policies that govern data collection and use, and regulators such as the FTC have been active in policing the area as well.

In the third installment of our Social Media webinar series, Kilpatrick Townsend partner Stephen Feingold discussed the privacy implications of social media.

Learn how to develop policies and adopt best practices designed to maintain legal and regulatory compliance for all your social media practices.

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