Name and TitlePhoneOfficeE-mailV-card
Lakatos, Robert
Advokat, Partner
+46 (0)8 505 646 27 Stockholm E-Mail vCard
Langford, Michael D.
+1 404.815.6515 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Largent Ph.D., Craig C.
+1 650.463.7618 Silicon Valley E-Mail vCard
Lazerus Jr., Charles G.
+1 415.273.4807 San Francisco E-Mail vCard
Lee, Joshua H.
+1 404.815.6582 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Lei, Alex
Senior Patent Attorney
650324 6306 Silicon Valley E-Mail vCard
Lemon, Sarah D.
Real Estate Finance and Capital Markets Attorney
+1 212.775.8744 New York E-Mail vCard
Lenhammar, Jonas
+46 (0)8 505 646 34 Stockholm E-Mail vCard
Levitas, Elliott H.
+1 404.815.6450
+1 202.508.5815
Washington D.C.
E-Mail vCard
Levitas, Steven J.
Senior Counsel
+1 919.420.1707 Raleigh E-Mail vCard

Who We Are

What Fully Engaged Means To Me

Steven Gardner
Steven Gardner

Caring deeply about our client's needs and objectives.

Diane L. Prucino
Diane L. Prucino

Teaming with others to develop creative ways to solve our clients' problems while making time to be a leader in the community and perform pro bono work in a way that results in a high level of professional satisfaction.

Jon Neiditz
Jon Neiditz

The joy of deep, focused, caring, productive and sometimes funny collaboration with clients and colleagues, with elegant, disruptively inexpensive results.


Our client, AquaBounty Technologies, has modified and patented the gene-based modifications that enable farmed salmon to eat year-round and grow